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August 7th, 2009

Man Food @ 07:04 pm

A few months ago, my supervisor told a coworker and I that her husband’s birthday was fast approaching. She had asked him what he would like to have for dinner on his birthday, and he requested Sloppy Joes. She told us this story with a substantial amount of disbelief in her voice, and then told us that she had immediately vetoed his request. After hearing this story, one coworker and I hastily convened a Man Law meeting to discuss the matter. We quickly agreed that a man should be fully entitled to Sloppy Joes on his birthday. This is especially true for married men, because they probably don't have many other opportunities to enjoy Sloppy Joes (poor saps). We begged and we pleaded with our supervisor to let her husband have this treasured man food on his special day. Our supervisor did not acquiesce to our request, and even rounded up support for her stance from several other women that we work with (us men are greatly outnumbered in the department). My friend and I quickly realized that our righteous quest would not be successful. We retreated from our doomed battle to fight another day.

Some of you may be wondering why the Sloppy Joe (notice that it is always capitalized) holds such a special place in the Man Food Hall of Fame. Just think about it; take the best parts of a hamburger (also a Man Food Hall of Famer)- meat, ketchup, onions, and spices, and mix them together. Put the resulting food on a bun, and you have a Sloppy Joe. Now you never have to worry about making sure you have the right size tomato or enough ketchup to perfectly balance the hamburger. You just scoop it onto the bun and there you go. It also avoids the problem of having to clean that gunk that somehow forms around the mouth of a ketchup bottle. Therefore, the Sloppy Joe has made preparing a hamburger for dinner even easier- how much better can it get for a man?

Unfortunately, the value of the Sloppy Joe does not seem to be fully appreciated by those of the female gender. At least, it is not appreciated by the women in our department. As such, the Man Law representatives within the department decided that our only option was to demonstrate the sheer majesty of the Sloppy Joe to the women that we work with by utilizing a more direct approach. Since words would not work, we were forced to take more extreme measures.

Each week, two members of our department provide breakfast to the rest of the department. Today, the job of providing breakfast fell to myself and my fellow Man Law Representative. We took the opportunity to provide a true man’s breakfast; Sloppy Joes. And Cokes, it wouldn’t be a true Man Law breakfast without the cokes.

And, in case you couldn’t tell, I am very proud of that moment. I will cherish it forever.

June 23rd, 2009

EPIC vacation post part three! @ 07:57 pm

Welcome back for another installment of my EPIC vacation post! For this post, I’m going to conduct the first part of an experiment: I want to compare the quality of my writing after drinking a monster with the quality of my writing after drinking Jack Daniels. This will be the post written after drinking monster, which means that I have enough caffeine in me that I may end up writing likethisandmakingnosensetoanyonebutmeWHHHHEEEEEE!!!!!

OK, now that I got that out, on to the writing:

Sunday, May 17th
The day of Matt and Stephanie’s wedding finally came, and it came complete with a rainstorm. If the same storm happened in LA, news directors all over the place would be rushing to develop the most ominous “Storm Watch 2009” logo and theme music. Of course, that whole production would be to make sure that people would stay glued to their TVs so that they didn’t take the time to step outside and realize that rain is… water. The people of Georgia prepared for this ominous storm by getting out their umbrellas. Shocking, I know.

The rain outside meant that the wedding ceremony had to be moved to the reception hall. Matt and Stephanie made sure to pick a place that had the ability to do an indoor ceremony (good idea for a spring wedding in Georgia). The hall was very nice and beautifully decorated:

Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of pictures from the wedding ceremony. I figured that there would be plenty of pictures from the photographer, so I didn’t worry about that too much. Of course, I’m not going to post any pictures of the reception either, but that was because I don’t want pictures of me dancing in the reception posted on Facebook (don’t even think about it Diane).

Some highlights of the reception:
- The DJ leading people in this dance. Yes, I was up there for that one. It was fun too. And it will remain fun as long as no pictures are posted. Note- we did not do the costumes or throwing partners in our version...
- The playing of the Big Butt song- especially with the father of the groom requesting it, and his family joining him in dancing to it at the front of the hall. This part was made even more interesting by the fact that their family is very tall. And mine is… not. I think the average height of the people on the groom’s side of the hall was six inches greater than the height on the bride’s side. I felt like I was a part of munchkin land.
- Being dragged by Diane to participate in a Soul Train. This was particularly humorous when someone checked with me to see if I was old enough to know what a Soul Train was.

The rest of us went back to apartments and hotels to change and relax for a little while. The non-honeymooning cousins went out to get some pizza for dinner (pizza counter: 3… my poor colon).

Monday, May 18th
This is the day where the assault on my digestive system moved from “police action” to “shock and awe”. The day started off with lunch at a Waffle House. Erika gave me one tip about eating at Waffle House; “Make sure you go before they clean the grill, the food just doesn’t taste as good after they clean it.” That tip doesn’t fill me with confidence. With that said, the food actually was good. Of course, I’m still digesting it a month later. There’s your lesson kids- everything in life is a tradeoff.

After lunch, we went to the World of Coke in downtown Atlanta. There is one important fact about the World of Coke that was posted on the following sign:

Just to clear up confusion: the World of Coke is not meant to endorse.. Coke. The rest of the display signs in the place did not have the word Coke without an adjective ahead of it. Some of these adjectives were: “refreshing”, “crispy”, “delicious”, and “popular”. These signs were not meant to endorse Coke in any way, they are simply statements of fact. Ask the Most Interesting Man In the World- he knows.

Part of the World of Coke is a place where you can sample different Coke products from around the world. Adding samples of liquids that vary greatly in their carbonation and syrup content to the mass of grease in the stomach that remains from the meal at Waffle House is a very comfortable combination.

After we left World of Coke, we dropped Diane off at the airport for her flight home. The group was dropping like flies at this point. The five of us that were left (Erika, Taylor, Aaron, and Tiffany, and I) went to the Braves game that night.

The park had a nice view at night (and we got some really nice seats):

The advertising also featured local companies:

The Coke canons are not meant to imply endorsement of Coke at all… Squirrel! (that was an Up reference to show how delayed this post is)

We had dinner at the park, which means I added a chili dog and fries to the already toxic mix in my stomach. The good news is that the unfortunate details that came from this did not come about until I got back to the hotel. The better news is that I won’t share those unfortunate details here. The best news (for Diane, at least) is that I wasn’t sharing the hotel room with anyone that night.

Tuesday, May 19th
My last day in Atlanta was spent sleeping in, having lunch with Erika (the rest had to go back to work) and then going to Stone Mountain again for a lot more picture taking. Most of the mountain’s attractions were closed due to windy weather, but that meant that I got to go into the museums (which I didn’t see on my first trip) for free, so I was entertained. The flight home was uneventful, and I crashed soon after dumping the contents of my suitcase in the hamper.

Speaking of crashing, the caffeine is wearing off, so it’s time for me to end this portion of the writing experiment. It would probably be very appropriate if I use the next couple posts to conduct the Jack Daniels portion of the experiment, but that will wait for another day.

June 3rd, 2009

EPIC vacation post part DEUX! @ 08:28 pm

Since my last post only covered the first few days of my vacation, I know several of you have been consumed by questions: “what happened on the rest of the vacation?”, “Did Erika survive her head burning experience?”, and most important: “how many times did he eat pizza?”. It would be mean of me to keep you waiting without hearing anything, so I decided to build the suspense by writing about two more days… I told you these posts would be epic.

Friday, May 15th
Dad and I decided to continue our touristy activities in Atlanta. We started off by going to the Martin Luther King Jr. museum in downtown. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to take the tour, but it was a good time, and a very well done museum

Don't you feel like you're part of the march?

Eternal flame outside the museum. I refused to include the corporate sponsor's plaque in the picture. I'm a rebel.

After the King museum, we went to see the Jimmy Carter Library, but that was closed for renovations. However, they did give us a free book (Carter’s memoirs) for our troubles. They books were given to us by a sweet old lady that spends her days just waiting to see if someone will come to the closed library… I guess hiring a social security recipient was easier than putting out a sign. The real disconcerting part of it all was that the lady looked like she was turning to dust right in front of our eyes.

The funniest part of this was when I offered to carry my Dad’s book in my backpack and he declined by saying that he didn’t want to weigh me down. I stared at him for a few seconds, and then politely let him know that I can carry two books in a backpack fairly easily.

On the plus side, I did get a nice picture of a bird:

I think he liked my camera.

And a picture of a statue on the Library grounds that I really don’t get:

Look out! The statue might... charge...

On our way back to the hotels, the assault on my stomach continued- we stopped by a Japanese restaurant for lunch. Note to self: don’t try sushi at a random roadside sushi restaurant in Georgia. I won’t share any more details.

After taking a nap, I went to the airport to pick up Diane. We then met up with the cousins (minus Stephanie) for dinner and a hang out night. Good times were had all around, even as Aaron destroyed us all at Balderdash. I guess when you fly planes for a living, you get pretty good at thinking of random stuff. I have no idea how those two go together, but it seems like a good fit to me.

I do need to take a minute to share with you the following streets that I had to take to get to Aaron and Tiffani’s apartment from my hotel:

Peachtree Parkway
Peachtree Industrial
Peachtree Street
West Peachtree Street

The goal of all this is to make sure that there are more streets named Peachtree in Atlanta than actual peach trees in the state of Georgia. No other logic makes sense to me

If you couldn’t tell from the introductions in my previous post, the most interesting part was the pictures. I’ve already shared Erika’s all time favorite picture, but there’s another one that I think needs to be plastered all over the internet:

The aliens have landed!

There are three things I like about this picture; 1) Aaron is transparent 2) Taylor’s head is 2D 3) Erika actually saw me getting ready to take this picture, and went into this bizarre jedi/ninja/drunk tai chi routine that resulted in that picture. Yes, she deliberately did that. I have a fun family.

I’m very glad I got a hotel room that had a couch with a pullout bed in it. Diane stayed there, which meant I wouldn’t have to do a lot of extra driving to chauffer her around. She also offered to split the cost of the room with me, which saved a bunch of money- woot! Of course, Diane also gave me the following labels at various times during this trip:

Family clown
Family geek
Family drunk

And I can’t even argue with any of them. I think what she was really trying to say is that I’m a really smart guy with a great sense of humor who knows how to have a good time. But she probably won’t admit to that.

Saturday, May 16th
This was the day for the wedding rehearsal. Prior to going out to the site, we met at Erika and Taylor’s apartment to eat breakfast. They insisted on getting Diane and I chicken biscuits from Chick-Fil-A. I guess that counts as a “Southern” breakfast. Now I know. The wedding rehearsal meant that we would take our first trek out to the wedding site. To be honest, trek probably isn’t even the right word. Quest, journey, or odyssey fit quite a bit better. But I’m too lazy to type them all out (even though I just did), so I’ll stick with trek. You know this was a real wedding site because of the bear statue/carving they had outside:

Get a room! Or… a shed!

The rehearsal went well, nothing too major to write about there. The real experience came with the post-rehearsal banquet, which was catered BBQ. I had mentioned to Stephanie that I’ve had very limited exposure to Southern BBQ, so I was looking forward to it. She mentioned that fact to her now mother-in-law, which made sure to check on me multiple times to ensure that I was enjoying the meal. And yes, it was very good.

A picture of the cousins. Yes, we all are looking at different cameras- there were a lot to choose from.

That evening, our side of the family went to my Uncle’s place to have pizza and hang out (vacation pizza counter: 2). Good times all around, but no pictures (we took enough at the rehearsal). After that, back to the hotel (after getting lost) and went to bed.

Speaking of bed, it's about time for me to get to sleep. I expect all of you to wait in breathless anticipation for Part 3, when I will describe eating pizza again, waiting for a flight in the airport, and oh yeah, the wedding. I'll be a good one.

May 28th, 2009

EPIC vacation deserves EPIC post(s) @ 10:11 pm

Since I finally graduated school, I went on a great graduation trip. This trip was so awesome, it can only be described as… EPIC. Another fun benefit of finishing school is that I will now have more time to do fun writing (such as blogging) rather than waste my writing time on homework. Combining these two benefits of graduation leads to this post, which can also most accurately be described as… EPIC. This post got long enough that I will split it into several parts.

Another note- I recently spent the money to drastically upgrade my camera, so I will also include photos of the trip. The first posts will be about the first half of the trip, which saw me head to the exotic vacation destination of Atlanta. The Atlanta portion of my trip can best be described as a full out assault on my stomach (and other areas of the digestive system that I don’t like to talk about).

Before I get fully into writing about the trip, I figured it would be good to take time to introduce everyone to my long-lost Atlanta based cousins and their significant others. These characters (and yes, they are characters) will play important roles throughout these posts, so take notes!

First off, since I didn’t get a whole lot of pictures of her with the family (she was pretty busy over the weekend, it’s almost like she was getting married or something), here’s my cousin Stephanie:

The definition of a radiant bride

On the Friday night that I was there, we young(er) people got to hang out for an evening. Here is the resulting photo:

On the left is my sister Diane, my cousin Erika is the one who looks like she wants to eat the camera. Erika’s husband Taylor is behind her. Continuing to the right is Tiffani and her husband (my oldest cousin) Aaron, and on the far right is some guy I really don’t recognize… oh yeah, that’s me.

Using this picture may not have totally been fair to Erika (it was posted on Facebook 10 minutes after it was taken though), so I decided to utilize all of my incredible Photoshop skills to show exactly why Erika had that very flattering expression:

Aaron! Stop it!

With introductions out of the way, on to the actual trip:

Tuesday, May 12th
Last day of work and official start of vacation! It started with an awesome night; I got to go to the Ducks playoff game with my Dad. It was my first time ever going to an NHL playoff game (if the Kings would only make it…), and it was also nice to be able to go to a game with my Dad. Growing up, hockey was something that my Dad and I shared- a lot of our father-son times were watching games on TV or going to games. Since he got remarried, he’s been going to a lot of games with his wife, but the only game I went to with him was when I took him to a Kings game earlier this year. No matter how old I get, I’ll always treasure these kinds of father-son times.

We also got to see a great game, the Ducks held on the beat the Red Wings (my most hated hockey team) to send the series to a Game 7. Of course, I could go to a hockey game without initiating the assault on my stomach. I had a hot dog at the game that I’m probably still digesting. It was this Italian Sausage thing that was pretty good, except the dog was surrounded by a skin that was some space-age plastic compound. I think the same compound could b used to coat the space shuttle, and the shuttle would be impregnable. Of course, the landing gear wouldn’t be able to be lowered through the skin, but that’s what water landings are for.

I took a lot of pictures at the game, but unfortunately, my desktop was annihilated by a virus attack right after I got home, and fixing it meant I had to delete the pictures from the game.

Wednesday, May 13th
We got a ride from my roommate to LAX for our flight to Atlanta. When my Dad and I booked our seats, we signed up for adjoining seats. Unfortunately, Delta saw fit to make it so that I was sitting at the window, and my Dad was sitting on the aisle of the plane. Fortunately, people are usually very happy when you offer them the window seat and take the middle seat. Unfortunately, that meant I was stuck in the middle seat, but such is life. I’d love to end this paragraph on a “fortunate” note, but when you get stuck in the middle, there’s nothing more to say.

On the flight, my Dad and I played a couple games of chess. I haven’t played chess since high school, and my Dad has something like four separate internet games going on at once. Yeah, I lost. I didn’t do too badly though, I lost the first game before drawing the second. Of course, it probably still counts as a loss because I was white for the second game, and you don’t want to draw the game when you’re white. I have to say thank you to Delta though- they showed an episode of Big Bang Theory on the flight, which gave me a chance to laugh while getting slaughtered in a transcontinental chess tournament.

When we got to Atlanta, we got lost on the way to the hotel (great start). My GPS said my hotel was about 100 feet closer than it really was, which led to us being unable to find it. For some reason, they decided to put the hotel back from the road and cover it with trees so you can’t see it at all. Wonderful for privacy, but not so good if you want… guests. Erika told me she passes the hotel on the way to church every week, and never realized it was there, I’m sure that helps keep the rooms booked. On the plus side, finding the hotel gave me a chance to tour the lovely commercial park area of Atlanta, which was a treat.

My Dad and I met up with family for dinner that night- Erika and Stephanie picked us up from our hotels and drove to dinner. The fun part about that trip- I’d been in Atlanta for an hour and was giving directions to the two people that live there. Irony is beautiful. This whole drive taught me one lesson that stuck with me- don’t plan a city’s roads on the back of a bar napkin.

Thursday, May 14th
Since Dad and I got to Atlanta earlier than most of the family, we spent a couple days doing touristy things. We went to Stone Mountain, which is basically a really huge block on granite with a huge carving in it. The carving is pretty amazing:

The carving, up close and personal

To give a better perspective on the size of the carving, here’s a shot of the whole mountain:

Yeah, it’s big.

This was my first chance to really play with my camera too, and I took full advantage. Here’s a shot from the top of the mountain (my Dad enjoyed going up there, his wife wouldn’t go last time):


There are a lot of trails around the mountain that I would’ve liked to see, but didn’t get a chance to. I would have taken them if I was there with friends or other family, but my Dad walks with a cane now, so taking a walk up the mountain was probably not a good idea.

We had lunch at a restaurant at the base of the mountain, and I learned one new thing: southern cooking will give you a whole new definition of “food coma”. I would have a picture of this, but, well, I was asleep.

The signs for the restaurant advertised “hand-tossed rolls”, which I assumed referred to how the rolls were cooked... I didn’t expect the waitress to really toss us the rolls from 15 feet away.

I'll know to duck next time

Since this day was also a pay day back at work, it was the busiest and most complicated day for the guy who was filling in for me while I was gone. The end result was that I got several calls throughout the day. I think my Dad was surprised by this, I actually am pretty important to work now!
After we got back from Stone Mountain, we met at my Dad's hotel to watch Game 7 of the Ducks series. I agreed to pick up a pizza and some beer for dinner. I stopped at a Walgreens nearby to find some beer and came to the startling realization that the Walgreens didn't sell beer. Even more surprising, I ran into Erika and Stephanie when I walked out- pretty much the only two people in the time zone that I would recognize. It turned out that drug stores in Georgia don't sell alcohol... they both game me weird looks when I told them that I was looking for beer in a drug store... now I know.

Watching the game was fun, even though the Ducks lost (aw...). The fun part about watching a hockey game with my Dad is that he or I will make a comment about the game, and the commentators will make the same comment soon thereafter. This means one of two things; either my Dad and I are incredibly smart and know a lot about hockey, or commentating on the game is pretty easy. I'd like to go with the first, but I know the second option is much more likely.

OK, that's enough writing (and struggling with pictures) for tonight, more to come later, stay tuned!

May 2nd, 2009

RIP Mom, 5/2/51-11/30/02 @ 11:12 pm

Dear Mom,

You’ve been on my mind a lot recently. I really started thinking about you about a month ago, when Nick Adenhart, an Angels pitcher, was senselessly and randomly killed by a drunk driver. Those were the kind of moments that you shined in. You had a strong, wise, gentle way of making sense of life- even when where there is no sense in it at all. I remember those talks we had late into the night, while everyone else was sleeping. I remember how your voice could soothe my worst fears, convincing me that, no matter what happened, life would be ok. I think everyone needed that when we watched a young man just as he was reaching his goal, only to see his life journey permanently ended through no fault of his own. I wish I could’ve talked to you at that moment, to hear your thoughts. Somehow, your thoughts would’ve made everything a little bit easier to understand.

The past couple of weeks have made me think about you even more. My graduation, your birthday, and Mother’s day- all in consecutive weekends, all events that make me wish that I could see you smile again, hear your voice again, see your eyes shine with happiness and pride again. I know that you’re with me, watching me from up above, but that knowledge doesn’t come close to filling the emptiness I feel without you here. Days like these make me feel that emptiness more than ever. I can’t help but feel anger, at God, at life, at the world, because you’re not here. It’s not fair that I can’t share my graduation with you. It’s not fair that I can’t buy you a Mother’s Day present. It’s not fair that you’re not here for me to share a song with, or take to a birthday dinner. It’s not fair that you won’t be here whenever I get married or have kids. It’s not fair that this emptiness feels like it will swallow me whole.

But even while the emptiness threatens to swallow me, I’m comforted by the fact that I see you in myself and others. You probably would’ve laughed at me over the past few months when I was loading myself up by working full time, going to school full time and even getting involved at church. You might’ve even given me a talk about needing to say no to people (and yes, I have a problem saying no to people). But if you had given me that talk, I would’ve had a hard time not laughing at you. You and I both know where I get that from: you. I don’t know if you ever were able to say no when someone asked you for help, and I know you would’ve have said no if I needed something from you. Still, despite the situations I get into because of the genetic inability to say no, I thank you for passing it to me. My drive to help others comes directly from you, and it’s allowed me to do things and assist people in ways that I never would’ve thought possible.

I think you were the one person that was always able to show that you loved me. No matter where I was or what I was doing, I knew that you were thinking about me and cared for me. In these busy lives, we often forget that the simplest and best thing we can do is to reach out to people. I think that is the way that I feel love the most- when someone shows that they are thinking of me, even when they’re busy with 500 other things. You always did that, and I just wish I knew how you were able to do it. I don’t know if that is just something that a mother can do naturally, or if you were just really good at it, but you were the best at it. I just hope that I am able to show a fraction of that love to the people I care about.

Even though I can’t wait to wait to see you and talk to you again, I know that I have a lot of things left to do before I can join you in heaven. You see, I believe that our affect on this world doesn’t end when our time here does. Every person that we touch- family members, friends, coworkers, all of these people are impacted by us in some way. My goal in life is to do what you did; make a positive impact on as many people as I can. Those people that I impact may use the lessons learned from me to impact another person, and that forms a wave that can continue forever. Each person that I am able to positively impact means that your affect on the world will keep growing, and that is all the motivation that I need to keep going in this world.

One day I will be married and have kids, and I look forward to telling my wife and kids about you, about your wisdom, your compassion, your kindness, your life. When I do, I know you’ll be right there by my side, as you always are. And if I’m really lucky, I can share those lessons you taught me with those that I love, and all of us will be better off for it.

So Mom, until that day when I do see you again, I will do all that I can to spread your affect on the world. I don’t know how or when those opportunities will come, but I know that God has some in store for me. I just pray that I have the strength and wisdom to take hold of those opportunities like you did.

I love you and I miss you.

February 4th, 2009

Things Seen and Heard @ 08:37 am

My boss: "Brian, do you scratch your head when you're thinking?"
Me: "Usually, I scratch my head when it itches."

My boss (while showing me a website): "Do you remember this (random fashion trend)? It was popular from these dates (points to dates on the website)."
Me: "umm... I was between one and three years old in that time."

Coworker: "Your head is so big you have a chaise lounge for a neck. Your head is just sitting up there chillin"

I swear that I saw my boss do a google search in the internet (google) toolbar for... Google. She won't admit it though.

Quote: "Tradition: just because we've always done it that way doesn't mean that way isn't incredibly stupid"

Me: "The cure for ignorance is education. The cure for stupidity is death."

On a final note, I bought a Zune, so I'm going to hell.

January 7th, 2009

By the Numbers... @ 06:38 pm

Since I haven't put together an actual post in a while, I figured I'd post the traditional glimpse at my life via a series of numbers. Actually, I've only done one of these posts before, so they're not traditional at all. However, I thought calling it a traditional post would sound a lot better than stating that I'm doing this post because I wanted to contribute something to my sadly neglected LJ without making the extraordinary effort of stringing sentences together. With that said, here we go...

From work:
Length of time at my new job- 1 year
Number of people that I'm presenting training to this week: 20 (or so)
Number of people that I will present the same training to in February- 140 (the entire credit union).
Supervisors/Manager who have asked me (directly or indirectly) what I'm planning on doing when I graduate from school: 4
Number of business trips prior to '08- 0
Business trips in '08- 2

From life:
Number of churches I visited/attended in '08- 11
Number of churches that I've played guitar for- 4
Times visiting Disneyland- 10
Amount of money spent at Disneyland- too much
Length of time until I'm able to get my soul back- It won't happen. It's kind of disappointing. I miss my soul.
Number of states visited from '01-'07- 2 (including CA)
Number of states visited in '08- 4 (also including CA)
Length of vacation that I will take in May '09- 2 weeks
Amount of time that I will be sober on said vacation- a lot less than 2 weeks.

From the world of sports:
Number of times I'd been to Staples Center through 12/31/08- 2
Number of times I've been in Staples Center since 1/1/09- 2
Number of times I'll go to Staples Center between now and 1/31/09- 4
Number of jokes that could be made about this ad- 2.38 trillion
Number of appropriate jokes that could be made about said ad- 0
Number of people who were in their seats at Staples Center last night before me and William- Zero. And I have proof

I actually am a little nervous about posting this last number, because it's still unofficial, but...

Number of days until I (finally) graduate: 106

December 25th, 2008

(no subject) @ 10:09 pm

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good ni... zzz...

December 24th, 2008

Today's Schedule @ 03:04 pm

7:00 - 11:30 AM: Work
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM: Get gas, go to grocery store, refrain from going postal in parking lot, eat lunch
1:00 PM - 2:30 PM: Nap
2:30 PM - 3:00 PM: Shower, shave, get dressed for church
3:00 PM - 3:05 PM: Take cold medicine
3:05 PM - 3:15 PM: Clean out car
3:15 PM - 3:40 PM: Drive to church
3:40 PM - 4:00 PM: Set up guitar
4:00 PM - 4:30 PM: Rehearse music
4:30 PM - 5:00 PM: Attempt to avoid expelling lungs through nostrils
5:00 PM - 8:30 PM: Two church services, nine songs each service
8:30 PM - 10:00 PM: Eat dinner, take more cold medicine
10:00 PM - 10:30 PM: Rehearse choir music
10:30 PM - 11:00 PM: Avoid passing out
11:00 PM - 12:30 AM: One church service, sing in choir
12:30 AM - 12:45 AM: Go home
Soon thereafter: Die

Merry Christmas everyone!

October 25th, 2008

Melissa's Wedding @ 12:29 am

Here's a video of Chris and Melissa's wedding. The song is a song that I wrote and recorded for her.

I still have plenty of stories from the wedding, I promise that one day, I will post them.

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